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Pakoras V


Deep fried potato & aubergine dumplings coated in lentil batter.

Samosas V


Stuffed with potatoes, garden peas, served with chickpeas.

Paapdi Chanaa Chaat V D


Small wheat crisps, spiced chickpeas, yoghurt, tamarind sauce and pomegranate

Til Mil Jheenga


King prawns coated with rice and wheat flour batter served with Zayna’s chilli sauce.

Kutchoomer Salad V


An invigorating combination of diced apple, red onion, tomato and cucumber finished with a hint of chopped coriander and a squeeze of lemon.

Mango Salad V


Thin sliced mango, red onion, cucumber & coriander glazed with a passionfruit & mango dressing.

Dal Soup V D


Mixed yellow lentils soup cooked with cumin, coriander & garlic


Kebab Lajawab


Lamb mince mixed with a special recipe of herbs & spices (2 pieces).

Kastoori Tikka D


Cubes of chicken marinated overnight with coriander, green chillies and lemon.

Malai Boti D


Chicken cubes marinated with cream, cardamom & black pepper sauce.

Murgh Tikka D


Tender chicken marinated with traditional tandoori spices, fresh lemon & garlic.

Tandoori Murgh D


Slow cooked chicken leg marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic & fresh lemon juice.

Achari Paaner Tikka D


Paneer cubes, marinated in yoghurt, spices & mixed pickle.

Lamb Chops D


Lamb chops marinated overnight in a fenugreek, black pepper & garlic based yoghurt sauce.

Tandoori Jheenga D


Juicy king prawns, marinated in mint, coriander, lemon & chillies.

Tandoori Salmon D


Salmon cubes, marinated in lemon juice and crushed red chillies

Mixed Grill Special D


Lamb chops, chicken tikka and kebabs with a choice of dips.

From The Pan

Chicken Karahi G


Cooked in a wok with garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes & coriander.

Mukhun Murgh D


Murgh tikka, cooked in a clay oven and finished in a mild tomato sauce.

Murgh Taka Tak D


Grilled chicken thighs, finished with onions, tomatoes & green chillies.

Baati Gosht


Diced lamb cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger & fenugreek leaves.

Jheenga Bhaati


Juicy king prawns in a rich tomato based sauce infused with ground spices.

Tawa Keema


Hand ground mince, cooked on a griddle with ginger, garlic, onions & tomatoes.

Ishtu D


Diced lamb, braised with yoghurt, onion, garlic, ginger & whole spices.

Palak Gosht D


A blend of sauteed spinach and diced lamb cooked with tomatoes and garlic.


Biryani Sada Bahaar


Basmati rice cooked with potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflower, with onion, ginger and peppers.

Chicken Biryani D


Cooked with grilled chicken & traditional biryani spices.

Biryani Shah Jahani


Lamb cubes mixed with basmati rice & traditional biryani spices.

Jheenga Biryani


A delicious blend of juicy prawns & basmati rice finished with ginger, garlic & fresh coriander.


Aloo Gobhi V


Potatoes & cauliflower cooked with tomatoes & ginger.

Shipketa V


This Kashmiri dish combines cauliflower, green peppers carrots, garden peas & potatoes to create one of the most popular dishes.

Lahori Chunay V


Chickpeas cooked overnight with onion, garlic, ginger & cumin to create this famous market dish. A Zayna special.

Tarka Dal V


An exciting mix of moong & masoor lentils, topped with a garlic & ginger sauce.

Bhindi Karahi


Fresh okra (ladies fingers), cooked with sliced onions & tomatoes.

Baigan Ka Bharta V


Aubergine cooked with tomato, chopped pepper, onion & garlic. Topped with fresh coriander.


Aloo Palak V D


Fresh spinach leaves & sautéed potatoes cooked in ground spices.

Mutter Paneer V D


Cheese and garden peas, cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.

Dal Makhani V D


Whole urad lentils cooked in a light creamy, onion & garlic sauce with spices slow cooked to ensure the flavours infuse.



Basmati Rice


Pilau Rice



Tandoori Roti G


Tandoori Paratha D G


Sada Naan D G


Garlic Naan


Peshawari Naan


Mince Naan


Cheddar Naan



From the East

Rasmalai D N


Rounded patties of fine milk, cooked in syrup, immersed in saffron milk & finished with pistachio.

Gulab Jaman G D N


Round balls of dried milk, fried & dipped in syrup. Served with homemade ice cream.

Falooda N D


Almond & pistachio kulfi, served with rice noodles and topped with rose syrup.